Circular, you say?
Circulating products by adding value and putting it back on the market, instead of destroying value!

Circular station

We see ourselves as a circular station. Existing furniture comes in. We assess them, determine their value and, based on this, decide on a route. At the end of this route, the upcycled furniture is put back on the market.


Upcycling means giving new life to old products.

How do we do that at Looops?

  • Reconditioning: cleaning and repairing
  • Refurbish: e.g. reupholster or repaint
  • dismantling: taking apart usable parts and reusing those that are unusable.
  • redesign: we put together new furniture from various usable parts and possibly new material.

Interested or have any questions?

More information about Circular and the associated products and options? Please feel free to contact us or drop by for a cup of coffee. You can always reach us


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