We turn used products into original, high-quality office furniture. So you have a sustainable solution for your office.

What do we do?

We buy used office furniture, we produce upcycled and restyled furniture, and we do projects with your own furniture that after treatment is placed back.


Looops is a professional partner for you, with years of experience in project management and logistics. In addition, when you work with Looops, you also have a partner for your CSR principles: profit, people, planet.


You save costs by working with Looops.


Working with Looops also means that you are working towards your social return objective, because we work with people who are distanced from the employment market.


Working with Looops means that you have a sustainable solution. We can document this for you in a circular report.

Quality and original

The result is an up-to-date, high-quality and unusual layout. Smoothly arranged, for a good price and with respect for the environment and society.

Sustainable project design

Are you looking for sustainable project furnishing? At Looops BV, we turn used products into high-quality, original office furniture. So you have a sustainable solution for your project design. Looops specialises in ‘refurbished’ office furniture, where we give existing furniture a new look. Our many years of experience in the field of project design make us a professional partner to work with. With a good workplace, both ease of use and atmosphere are important, so that employees can carry out their work optimally. Looops helps project planners to create an optimum working environment, whereby we also take account of the latest trends in the new way of working. We also offer solutions for improving acoustics.

Appropriate solutions

We can offer appropriate solutions for furnishing in many areas. Looops can transform existing furniture to suit new tastes and contemporary requirements. We also supply used furniture from stock. By applying refurbishment, which is carried out by professionals (some of whom work in sheltered workshops), you save a lot of money, have high-quality products and contribute to a better environment. Nothing but benefits! We have already supplied office furniture to various project organisers. Curious about the results? Then take a look under (examples projects) or contact us to take a look in our showroom.

Why refurbished

We often use refurbished office furniture. After all, why buy new furniture for a project if that only increases the amount of waste? At Looops, we love turning used materials into something beautiful and new. That’s what we call circular. Making products go round by adding value and putting it back on the market, instead of destroying value!

Are you interested or do you have any questions?

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